The Secret Formula to Winning during Madness

The Secret Formula to Winning during Madness

The NCAA Basketball Tournament – or March Madness, as it’s more commonly known – is one of the most exciting events in the world of sports. The annual college hoops event has fans cheering for their favorite teams and filling out their brackets in droves for a chance to win some cash, or at the very least, earn bragging rights among friends and coworkers. According to a report by WalletHub, a whopping 70 million March Madness brackets were filled out last year by those looking to get in on the action.

Will annual powerhouses like North Carolina, Duke, Kentucky, and Kansas make another appearance in the Final Four this year, or will an unexpected underdog crash the party like last year’s Loyola Ramblers? It’s really anyone’s guess, but some are willing to put in the extra work to get the upper hand in their quest to pick as many winners as possible and claim the top prize.  

Knowledge, research, number crunching, intuition—all are important when it comes to making the best decisions for filling out those March Madness brackets; these same qualities are also vital when making the best decisions for your health and wellness.

Being cognizant of the foods, macros, eating habits, and exercises you implement in your lifestyle can increase your odds of getting all the way to the ‘Final Four’ of life—health, happiness, productivity, and longevity. With a well-thought out diet and physical activity plan, you’ll quickly rack up the wins and find yourself on the right path for going the good health! On the other hand, failing to come up with a smart strategy in these areas can lead to an early and disappointing exit.

So, after filling out your March Madness brackets this year, take some time to fill out a winning nutrition and exercise plan. Whether it’s a healthy meal program to help maintain optimal weight, metabolic health, and cellular functioning; a workout regimen to improve strength, flexibility, and endurance; or a combination of both of these approaches, making the right choices is imperative if you want to thrive and keep advancing in the tournament of life.

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