Fasting Shake

Nourish the body without the guilt! Best from Nature, nurtured by ProLon Longevity Science. Fasting shake is the latest breakthrough in nutrition and healthy aging science. We all strive to eat the cleanest premium ingredients, help our bodies perform at their best, and age slower. After 18 years of cutting-edge nutrition research led by L-Nutra and 12 universities, Nutri-tech scientists have identified a proprietary Fasting Mimicking Nutrition that feeds the body while not triggering the cellular Nutrient Sensing Pathways (NSPs).

It is the latest secretive bio-hack for fat burn, performance, and longevity lifestyle, allowing for the first time to reap the benefits of nourished Intermittent Fasting without hunger!

Use the Fasting Shake to replace breakfast, extend intermittent fasting & fat burn, or replace lunch or dinner. Use it as a snack between meals or after dinner to keep the body in an overnight fasting state.
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  • Vanilla Flavor
  • 14 Sachets per pouch
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free
  • Won't break your fast! Fast for longer!
Fasting Shake unlocks fasting benefits so that you be at your best any day, and every day.
As the only nutrition formulation patented in the US and Europe for enhancing longevity, Fasting Shake nourishes the body with plant-based proteins, healthy fats, and a low glycemic index while keeping it in a fasting state. Now you can keep your body in fat-burn mode while drinking a healthy source of macro and micronutrients.

Reach your optimal potential and be at the forefront of the latest in nutri-technology.
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Eat Fast Bar in the morning to help extend your fast* or as a snack anytime during the day to help curb your hunger.

Many use it as their secret late night snack or morning breakfast, since it keeps your glucose and ketones equal to drinking water alone!

Fast Bar® is an intermittent fasting bar that can help curb your hunger without breaking your fast, so you can fast for longer. It has been clinically shown to keep your body in a fasting state even after eating. You can eat it in the morning after your overnight fast to help curb your hunger and extend your fast until your next meal.  A clinical trial showed that eating a Fast Bar after an overnight fast has a similar impact on ketones and a nearly identical impact on blood glucose as drinking water*.

* Benefits seen in a randomized, controlled study in 105 adults after a 15-hour overnight fast comparing the glucose and ketone results every hour for 4 hours in the Fast Bar group, breakfast group and water-fast group. Click here to read the published scientific article.

You should eat Fast Bar once a day, as we want people to follow a healthy, balanced diet including regular meals during the day. 

You can eat it in the morning after your overnight fast or as a healthy snack anytime during the day, in addition to meals, to help curb your hunger.

The impact and safety of consuming more than one Fast Bar per day hasn’t been studied, and we recommend that you eat only one Fast Bar in the morning or evening, along with a healthy, balanced diet for your other meals. 

Fast Bar is great for supporting Time Restricted Eating and other short fasts.  If you seek the benefits of Prolonged Periodic Fasting, our 5-Day ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) has been extensively tested, has been safely used by hundreds of thousands of generally healthy consumers, and has been clinically tested to provide many benefits, and support overall metabolic health when used in multiple consecutive cycles. For more info on ProLon, go to

The Fast Bar study tested the effects of eating a Fast Bar at breakfast time (after a 15-hour overnight fast), compared to either skipping breakfast or eating a standardized breakfast bar. The study looked at blood glucose and ketone levels over the 4-hour period after breakfast time and showed that blood glucose levels in patients eating Fast Bar were nearly identical to blood glucose levels in patients who skipped breakfast.

Ketone levels over the 4 hours were also very similar in both groups. These results showed that eating a Fast Bar doesn’t interfere with key physiological markers of fasting.  The study also showed that Fast Bar gave people a feeling of being fuller and curbed the desire to eat for up to 3 hours after consumption. In other words, you can eat a Fast Bar to help make fasting easier and more pleasant, and maintain similar ketone and blood glucose levels as a water-only fast.

Fast Bar’s ratio of fats to carbohydrates + protein = 1.4:1. That’s 1.4 grams of fat for every 1 combined gram of carbs and protein, which fits nicely into a modified Keto diet. 

In our studies, ketones were measured over the 4-hour period following consumption of a Fast Bar, and the level of ketones were no different than those in participants who continued an overnight fast with an additional 4 hours of water-only fasting and no Fast Bar.

According to the colloquial definition, ‘fasting’ means ‘not eating’.  However, it’s important to consider what actually happens inside you during fasting that makes it different than eating. Your body notices food through nutrient-sensing pathways, and when you don’t eat, these same pathways tell your body that you’re in a fasting state.  This is what triggers fasting at a cellular level, and it’s what we mean when we talk about mimicking a fast – it’s possible to trick these sensors into thinking you’re in a fast while still providing the body with nourishment.  This is the science behind the Fasting Mimicking Diet and Fast Bar. This is the nutritional breakthrough which enables consumption of specific foods while still maintaining a fasting state.

Your body fuels itself while fasting by tapping into its internal energy reserves including fat stores and stored energy in your liver and other organs. This one of the reasons why there’s weight loss and fat loss when fasting. Fast Bars are low in sugar and protein, and are designed so that their energy is released slowly in the body. This allows your cells to keep the nutrient sensing pathways in the ‘fasting’ state and draw on fat from the diet and from your body’s fat stores for energy. 

For those of you who are into biohacking, think of Fast Bar as the ultimate bio-hack – fueling your body so that you don’t get hangry and your cells get nourishment, while staying in a fasting state!