Football Games & Oh My Snacks

Football Games & Oh My Snacks

There is no question that the Big Game of American Football brings us together to spend time and celebrate with friends and family. The tradition of eating guacamole, potato chips and other junk food while drinking beer adds to our enjoyment. On top of that, we are all waiting to see if quarterback Tom Brady can, yet again, lead his team to another victory, especially given his “old” age and performance based on a diet heavily focused on healthy foods and restrictions. However, when the game is all done, the post-binge and stomach-grumbling gives us pause as we consider our dietary choices and promise to make amends, so we don’t feel “too guilty” from our excesses.

Being mindful about what we eat is one of the foundations that can promote our longevity. It is said “we are what we eat.” Do you remember what you ate yesterday? Of all the foods you ate yesterday, how many of those are considered healthy? Each day before you go to bed think about your diet. Then, the next morning, consider how you can improve your diet based on what you ate the previous day. Take baby steps, or shall I say “take small bites” as you make healthy adjustments.

You have many options to decide what you eat and when. Celebrate food and nutrition each day by being mindful and choosing wisely. Look at yesterday, reflect on today, and eat for your future.

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