Your health goals should work together, not against each other. This includes Intermittent Fasting, which can lead to low-energy during times of the day when you need to be at your best, like your morning run or your evening trip to the gym. To account for this, we recommend making sure you meet your electrolyte goals, adjusting your fasting schedule around your high-activity times of the day, and maximize your nutrition both inside and outside your window.

With Fast Bar, you can curb hunger and get some fuel WITHOUT BREAKING YOUR FAST*, making it perfect for early morning and late-night windows where you need a friendly boost! It’s also plant-based and gluten-free.

*Benefits seen in a randomized, controlled study in 105 adults after a 15-hour overnight fast comparing the glucose and ketone results every hour for 4 hours in the Fast Bar group, breakfast group and water-fast group. Click here to read the published scientific article.