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Whole Ingredients to
Support a Healthy Routine
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SUPPORT INTERMITTENT FASTING PROGRAMS Fast Bar is a nutritional boost of premium beneficial ingredients, designed to support intermittent fasting programs.

START THE DAY RIGHT Clinical studies suggest that eating breakfast is important for health. For those skipping breakfast, Fast Bar offers a good source of nourishing fats from nuts* designed to help start the day right.* •See nutritional information for fat content

IDEAL FOR WEIGHT MANAGEMENT Incorporating Fast Bar into daily life can increase mindfulness of what is consumed throughout the day. Plus, it can help create a more rewarding intermittent fasting experience to support weight management and overall wellness goals.

How it works
Formulation Based On Science

After 20 years of research, scientists discovered a nutria-technology that nourished the body while keeping it in a fasting mode knows as the Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD)® which includes the nut-based L-Bar that became the Fast Bar.

The premium ingredients that make up this delicious bar provide nourishment to the body and support fasting goals through a macro-nutrient profile of more beneficial fats to fewer carbohydrates and less protein.

Snack Smarter

What's in it?

Premium Blend of Nourishing Ingredients
Good fats from nuts.*
Fiber from coconut. *
A little honey to keep things sweet.
Snack smart with Fast Bar!

*See nutritional information for fat and fiber content.

Plant Based Protein



Made without
soy or dairy

No Sugar alcohols

0g trans-fat per serving*
*See nutritional information for fat content

Cocoa Nuts

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Nuts & Honey

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Nuts & Nibs

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