Intermittent Fasting Bar
Intermittent fasting has swept the nation, and Fast Bar is an easy way to incorporate it into your healthy lifestyle.
Fast Bar Nuts & Dark Cocoa
from $16.00
Fast Bar Nuts & Honey
from $16.00
Fast Bar Nuts & Cacao Chips
from $16.00
Fast Bar Variety
from $48.00

Fast Bar®, the first bar specifically designed for intermittent fasting

Fast Bar® has made sticking to your fasting goals more achievable. A new randomized, controlled study of 105 adults who fasted for 15 hours overnight, then had glucose and ketone levels measured every hour for four hours after eating either breakfast, a tasty Fast Bar, or just water, showed that Fast Bar did not break their fast.

Why Fast Bar?

In other words, you can eat a Fast Bar and extend your fasting window! Who wouldn’t want to actually eat something as opposed to just drinking water?

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Best "bar" I've ever purchased!
I love these bars! They are filling,
especially early in the morning before work when I don’t feel like eating a big breakfast. They always hold me over until lunch and give me energy without making me feel weighed down. I highly recommend trying one today!


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