The Smart Way to hit
your Intermittent
Fasting resolutions

The food hack that won't break your fast*

Skip hunger, boost energy so you can fast for longer!
Plant-based protein - Non-GMO, Gluten Free

The Smart Way to hit your Intermittent Fasting resolutions
The food hack that won't break your fast*
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The only bar with a PhD

Clinically tested & developed to not break your fast

20 + years of scientific research conducted at the world’s leading Universities

$36 Million in research & development

Based on Nobel Prize winning science



Fast Bar’s proprietary formula of premium ingredients doesn’t trigger your body’s nutrient sensing system, so your body’s tricked into thinking it’s fasting. It's the only thing you can eat during your fasting window without breaking your fast — eat without your body even knowing it.

Clinical Trial - Glucose LevelsClinical Trial
*In a randomized, controlled study of 105 adults, participants fasted overnight for 15 hours, then had either breakfast, a Fast Bar, or water.  Blood glucose and ketones were measured every hour for 4 hours with results shown above. Data on file.

How to hack your fast

It’s so easy to incorporate Fast Bar into your routine. If you’re doing the 16:8 I.F. method (EG fasting from 8:00 PM - noon), you can eat it in the morning to to help you get to your lunchtime meal. Or, eat it at night if you prefer. Whatever works. It’s that simple.

Delicious + Healthy = Extraordinary

Fast Bar is made with premium nuts like Macadamias. Nuts contain a variety of health-supporting nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Five fantastic flavors

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Shout it from the rooftops

“Tastes great and keeps me going until it’s time to break my fast.”

- Michelle Yabko

“Delicious and very filling. I can have a bar at 8:30 AM and I am not hungry until noon, great job!”

- D.B.V
“I love these bars. The texture is on point. They present as homemade and are delicious! You guys got it right! Worth every penny!”

- Dana Funicelli

“Bars are tasty and satisfying. I have a bar each morning and my hunger is abated until I begin eating at noon. They are exactly what I was looking for.”

- Anthony Tamel

Welcome to the Fasting with Food Revolution
IF is already the #1 diet because of the benefits, both inside and out, and how seamlessly it can fit into your daily life. But it’s our groundbreaking innovation - fasting with food - that’s truly changing the game. Yes, nourishing yourself with Fast Bar in your fasting window turns the traditional idea of fasting on its head.

Hack your fast and enjoy the benefits without starving.


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